Our Plans

January 2024 update

Our current focus as a CLT is split across two projects

  1. Providing permanently affordable homes for local residents and those affected by regeneration in the area. 
  2. Providing much needed community spaces for local people.

We are hoping to meet these objectives with our first two projects getting off the ground in 2024. We’re excited to be working with Newham Council on two potential sites and welcome new members to get involved! 

We have undertaken an initial feasibility study for affordable homes on a site in Canning Town with a team of brilliant architects. We are also exploring the refurbishment of a former community space in Custom House and are working towards gaining meanwhile access to the garden, so we can get started bringing people together ASAP! 


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Community Led Alternatives

Community Land Trusts are being used across the country to put land, homes, shops and public facilities and spaces into the hands of communities themselves. E16 CLT has been exploring ideas for how local residents and community groups in Newham can lead change in their neighbourhood.
Explore E16 CLT’s vision for community-led alternatives to regeneration
We are currently working to secure sites for our first two projects.
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Previous plans for Coolfin Road

To show what is possible we previously created a feasibility study that demonstrates how we can provide genuinely affordable homes for local people on two sites in the E16 area.
You can download the documents on the links below or email us for a copy.
Click here to download the summary doc
Click here to download the full doc

Alternative Regeneration Plan

In October 2016, PEACH Housing Club members decided to take things into their own hands. Having seen regeneration schemes around them in London, residents were keen to avoid the breaking up of the community and the replacement of lot’s of social housing with private luxury developments – so decided to do our own plans – a realistic and economically viable plan that reflects what local people want to see for the future of their area. We finished these and took them to the Council in September 2017.