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Who’s Who?

Here are the current E16 CLT Board Members, elected by you at our AGM

Sophie Jones

I have lived in E16 for over 3 years and have seen how much of the regeneration in the area doesn't work for existing local communities and doesn't provide the affordable housing we need. I joined E16 CLT to help change that. In my day job, I work as a fundraiser for a charity for children in care & young care leavers.

Hanna Osundina

I have lived in Canning Town, E16 for a few years and decided to become a CLT trustee to get involved in my community while using my experience as a Development and Regeneration professional. I am passionate about using my expertise to help the community develop truly affordable housing for local people.

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Alex Peters

I have been a resident of Custom House all of my life. I live in the Prince Regent Lane side of the area and I have observed many changes over the decades.

My motivation for being part of the team is to stay in tune with the developments of the locality and I love understanding the psychology of communities as well as individuals. I see this as a great opportunity for learning with a view to understand how I can help others around me.

Caroline Verdant

I’m a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at St Antony’s Catholic Primary School and a Newham Citizens leader.

I have become a board member as I was priced out of the housing market in Newham, I was born in Forest Gate and lived there up to 12 years ago. Today it is still an issue that I am very passionate about, I believe the local community should have a say in how their community is built and not be displaced at a moments notice.

James Perera

I'm an EICR Test and Inspection Electrician for housing association properties in the South-East. I'm also a writer in my spare time, having had two novels published and a novelette sized short featured as the title story in an anthology also. Of course, I'm passionate about community-led housing and am driven to see the first Community Land Trust realised in the E16 regeneration area.

Gemma Kervaon Taylor

I was born and bred in Newham and have lived there all my life, I bought my place in Custom House, only to have the news that it will be knocked down.  I joined the CLT because I want to help my local community to be able to stay in Custom House and not to be forced to leave because of the cost of new developments.

Eeswari Sabanthan

My husband and I have been running a business in Custom House for the past 33 years.  I have been a PEACH member since its inception. I am a member of E16 CLT too for I am interested in the welfare and the future of the community in the Regeneration looming ahead.

Boglarka Filler

I have been living in the Canning Town/Custom House area since 2011. My experiences as a Mears tenant & disenfranchised person have prompted me to gain a degree in International Development, followed by further studies. I am a mother of two who has worked in retail intermittently but I have a keen interest in social sciences and community empowerment. 

Mabel Amponsah

I have lived in Custom House for 7 years now and am the secretary of the E16 CLT. I have 5 children and am a midwife at Newham General Hospital and am studying to become a health visitor. I have been a Mears tenant living in the regeneration area since I came to Custom House and have suffered from terrible housing conditions leading me to be moved to a different property.

Terry Regan

My name is Terrence Regan and I've lived in Custom house for 50 years on and off -

I moved in when I was 3 years old and had my 4th birthday here. I’ve been involved with the Custom House co-production steering group for about a year and half now after being elected to be a community rep. I’m also a member of PEACH and local charity organisations.


Sean Connolly

I am a Catholic priest, originally from Walthamstow, ministering in Newham for the past twenty years in two churches, latterly in St. Stephen’s, Manor Park. We are a diverse community across age, nationality, and ethnicity, reflecting the diversity of the borough, and numbering around 600 people who regularly come to our church.

Lawrence Talabi

I was born in Nigeria in 1953 and I attended Yaba College of Technology and studied Accountancy. Following that I worked in accountancy in Nigeria from 1973 to 1988.


Dan, Chris and Amy are currently paid to support E16 in their roles outlined here:
Dan Barron
Community Organiser

Dan is an experienced Community Organiser with a background in housing who has worked in Custom House for the last 5 and a half years. In May 2015 he joined PEACH and led on their housing work, developing the organisation’s Housing Club - a membership body of local residents who care about housing issues. Through this work he set up and ran the Alternative Regeneration project with the PEACH team and worked with hundreds of local residents to produce a masterplan and a significant evidence base for a community-led alternative to traditional regeneration. This inspired the Housing Club to vote to set up E16 CLT and Dan has continued to work on developing the organisation since the outset. He left his role at PEACH in early 2020 but continues to work closely with them through E16 CLT.

Amy Linford
Community Organiser

Amy Linford is a working class architect, community organiser, and tutor focusing on the social and political complexities of people, power, and places. From 2016 she has worked as an architect organiser on the Alternative Regeneration of Custom house on behalf of the community organisation PEACH where she supports communityled regeneration. Previously at muf architecture/art Amy was a project architect involved in public realm design, masterplanning, authoring guidance, brief writing, and community engagement. Through the Public Practice program Amy joined Thurrock's new Design and PlaceMaking Team as a Senior Design Officer. Her current role alongside PEACH and supporting E16 CLT is contributing to the development of Local Plan policy, masterplans, design strategies and development briefs; developing an in-house community led masterplanning process for town scale development funded by MHCLG and promoting community led development in the borough.

Chris Carthy
Community Led Housing Consultant

I am an experienced advisor and project manager supporting community-led housing initiatives at all stages of their journey. My background is in architecture and planning, and I have worked for several years in the affordable housing development sector. I have worked with a range of CLTs, co-housing groups and self-build projects to assist in establishing themselves, planning out projects, securing land, becoming investment ready, creating partnerships with housing providers and – crucially – to put in place solid foundations to successfully deliver new kinds of projects. Some of the projects I have worked with include:

  • RUSS Community Land Trust
  • St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART)
  • Fishponds Co-Build
  • Manchester Urban Co-housing (MUCH)
  • Ambition Lawrence Weston
  • Surrey Community Action 

More about Alex Peters

In my profession, I am a dance tutor/mentor. I am currently a resident DJ at Maritime Radio and involved in public speaking in various capacities. I have worked in Royal Docks Community School, Shipman Youth Club & St Johns Community Centre  (all in E16), in a mentoring & youth work capacity.

More about Boglarka Filler

I became a member of PEACH & E16 CLT as I wrote my dissertation on the housing crisis with the aim of exploring possible solutions and also helping local people. Ensuring that the regeneration benefits all is of key importance to me especially as I am planning to carry out further research on the topic. I am very happy to be part of the CLT.

More about Mabel Amponsah

I have been an active part of the Mears Cats campaign which has led to our rent being reduced by between 40-60%. I also worked for PEACH as a community organiser and helped to develop the Alternative Regeneration Plan with local residents which inspired E16 CLT to start up.

More about Terry Regan

My childhood in the area was great and full of good memories but I’ve seen so many changes. My first job and early career was in demolition and I was heavily involved with the demolition of the notorious Ronan Point and surrounding flats.

In my mid 20s I had a bad accident at work and received 27 breaks during a fall from a roof, I have had approximately 18 operations over the years. In between I’ve done a business course and had mental health and child safeguarding training along with other online courses during the lockdown. I’m very interest in the future of Custom House and want to be involved and a part of the regeneration and the CLT for a great way forward. I want to build a great area to be proud of and future for the community.

More about Sean Connolly

A major concern for many in our congregation inevitably is the housing crisis. The very cohesion of our community is under threat when so many families and individuals live in such vulnerable housing situations due to scandalous housing conditions, chronic overcrowding, high rents, rogue landlords, and the desperate lack of affordable housing across the board. Community Land Trusts offer one part of the solution to the borough’s housing crisis but I believe are of a deeper symbolic value because they are community led and administered, provide genuinely affordable homes, and do so for generations to come. Since 2004 I have been working to establish CLTs across the capital and I am excited in recent times that E16 CLT and Newham Citizens have agreed to work together to build the first CLT in Custom House, as an example of a truly innovative scheme that can be replicated in the borough and across London. It is a legacy we could all be proud of.

More about Lawrence Talabi

More recently, I attended University of London (Birkbeck) and obtained LLB and studied at Nigerian Law School where I obtained BL. I was called to the Nigerian Bar as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria recently.