Exploring Community-Led Alternatives in E16

Community Land Trusts are being used across the country to put land, homes, shops and public facilities and spaces into the hands of communities themselves. E16 CLT has been exploring ideas for how local residents and community groups in Newham can lead change in their neighbourhood.

Explore E16 CLT’s vision for community-led alternatives to regeneration and housing!

Community-led Homes

E16 Community Land Trust are working to provide affordable and secure homes for E16 and Custom House residents. If successful, our homes to buy or to rent would aim for nobody to pay more than 1/3 of their monthly income on rent or repayments. Rather than set prices by the market, the price of a CLT home for purchase will be based on average incomes for households in Newham and will likely be between 40-45% of the price compared to the open market.

For more information on how community-led housing works, and case studies where this is happen, click here! 

Community-Led High Streets

There are lots of existing evidence showing that community ownership of high street assets can bring significant benefits to an area including increasing productivity, local economic improvements, and long-term community resilience. Community businesses and engaged community groups can play an important role in reimagining the high street, bringing people back to these spaces and reviving them as thriving local centers of the community. What if Freemasons Road, Custom House, was a community-led high street? What do you think the community can bring and improve to your local high street?

For more information on how community-led high streets could work, and case studies where this has happened, click here!

Community-Led Community Centres in E16

As part of its founding objectives, E16 Community Land Trust is committed to securing affordable community spaces for Custom House and E16 residents, led and owned by the community. Recently this work has focused on identifying and securing an existing building that can be repurposed as functioning community space in a shorter time frame and with a smaller budget that delivering a new-build project. Discussions on delivering such as scheme have taken place in collaboration with local organisations including People’s Empowerment Alliance of Custom House (PEACH). 

For more information on how Community-led Centres could work, and case studies where this happened, click here!


But how can we make this happen? If you’d like to help us make these ideas a reality, you can…

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Come along!

We hold regular meetings and events to plan how to deliver affordable home and spaces that meet the needs of residents and communities.

Join a working group!

We are looking for people who have specific skills in communication, community member organisation and engagement, planning and development, housing and finance, either in a professional or voluntary capacity. If you have a passion for delivering genuine affordable housing and regeneration in line with delivering community social value and want to lend a hand, get in touch!

If you think you have something to offer in skills, knowledge or passion, no matter how small the contribution, you can contact us here, or you can email us at info@e16clt.co.uk.